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About AirLawyer

Like you, we are passengers. For you, we are aviation lawyers.

We are licensed lawyers, specialized in aviation law. We have handled numerous aviation cases including all sorts of aviation accidents, flight delays, cancellations and overbookings, baggage problems and discrimination incidents.


On average, only 9% of air passengers’ complaints are proceeded to a third party. The main barrier is the belief that it would take too much time and effort. Our mission is to provide an effortless and risk free top level legal service that defends air passengers’ rights. We act as your attorneys and represent you against the airline. We defend your rights to the maximum and claim not only your compensation based on EU261/2004, but also all additional damage. We insist on the pursuit of your claim and put even the most complicated cases under the available provisions of the law to get the most out of the available legislation. We provide you support and regular updates along the way and get paid only in case of success.

Petros Blesios, Founder
Lawyer - LL.M. International Air & Space Law

Defend your rights

Get advantage of our expertise and legal knowledge to make your voice heard.
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AirLawyer is valuable to everyone

Flight disruptions cause inconvenience and damage not only to passengers but also to employers and travel agents.

Air Passengers

  • Our well-founded claims and legal representation increase significantly your possibility to be compensated.
  • You are relieved from any effort and time consuming procedures with entities unwilling to help you.
  • We put time limits to the airlines and pursue the quickest resolution of your matter.

Groups, Companies

  • When your partners or employees are delayed, they, as well as you, may be entitled to compensation.
  • When you travel as a group and you deal with disruption in your journey, one single claim to the airline strengthens your position.
  • You are most welcome to contact us and discuss a special beneficial agreement.

Travel Agencies

  • Your reputation may be hit by a serious disruption of a flight that you have arranged for an organised trip.
  • Use our legal support to secure your travellers’ rights and improve your customers’ experience.
  • Feel free to contact us and discuss our possible collaboration.
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