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In the midst of the current pandemic, millions of passengers cannot travel by air due to the cancellation of their flights.

We all hope that passenger flights will resume soon.

But, what are the passengers' rights after their flight is cancelled?

According to Regulation 261/2004 currently in effect, passengers are entitled to choose the reimbursement of the full amount of their tickets, if their flights are cancelled.

The money for the tickets must be returned by the airlines straight to the passengers, even when the tickets are issued by an agent.

The return of the sums must be completed within 7 days, or, under the current circumstances, within a reasonable period of 1 month.

The airlines are obliged to immediately provide the passengers with the option of reimbursement of the amount of their tickets.

Any imposed withholdings of the passengers' moneys for a period longer than 7 days, or under the current circumstances, for a period longer than 1 month, is a breach of the passengers' rights.

In these adverse economic circumstances for the ordinary citizens, any imposed deprivation of the passengers' moneys paid for flights cancelled has no moral or legal grounds.

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