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Baggage loss

How much can I claim for my baggage loss?

If your baggage is delayed by more than 21 days, it is considered as lost.


According to Montreal Convention you can claim the value of your baggage itself and of any items contained in the baggage for which evidence of purchase exists. Additionally, if the loss of the baggage and the items within it resulted in your suffering of any kind you can claim moral damage as well.


The maximum overall claim is 1,131 SDR – around €1,362. Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is the currency created by the International Monetary Fund. As of August 1, 2018, the exchange rate was:

1 EUR = 0,83 SDR

1 USD = 0,71 SDR

You can follow the exchange rate here.

What should I do if my baggage is lost?

  • When you discover that your baggage is missing, report it immediately to the lost luggage desk of your operating carrier and make sure you fill a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Keep a copy and note you PIR reference number in order to track the status of your baggage.
  • If you paid to replace missing items contained in your delayed baggage, keep all related receipts in order to use them for claiming your financial damage.
  • Once the airline admits the loss or 21 days pass from the day of your travel, you can submit your claim. Make sure that you create a full list of all the items contained in the baggage and attach all relevant receipts of the new items you had to buy, including invoices, bank or credit card statements.

Can I still claim after a long time has passed?

Based on Montreal Convention you can claim your compensation for baggage loss within a period of 2 years reckoned from the date of arrival at your destination.

Where can I read the Montreal Convention regarding baggage loss?

You may read the original text of Montreal Convention here.

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